Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chinese and Indian Investment in Myanmar: SAIS Study trip to Yangon

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From January 19-25, 2015, the South Asia Studies Program of The Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) will be sponsoring a study trip to Yangon, Myanmar where twelve graduate students will be exploring the topic of Chinese and Indian investment in Myanmar. The trip participants are students in Gregory Knight and Dr. Walter Andersen's Rise of India and China course offered in the Fall of 2014. To learn more about what the students are seeing and experiencing on the study trip stay tuned over the course of the week to the various blog posts from the participants themselves.

Meet the Student Participants!

Udit Banerjea, South Asia Studies, SAIS
Kevin Cottrell, Southeast Asia Studies, SAIS
Xiaoqun Dong, Energy, Resources and the Environment, SAIS
Eleanor Doong, Energy, Resources, and the Environment, SAIS
Yiyi Fan, Southeast Asia Studies, SAIS
Margaux Fimbres, Energy, Resources and Environment, SAIS
Matthew Florian, China Studies, SAIS
Elizabeth Heller, International Development, SAIS
Neeli Shah, Energy, Resources and Environment, SAIS
Emily Tang, China Studies, SAIS
Shrey Verma, South Asia Studies, SAIS
Sharon Yoo, South Asia Studies, SAIS


Rebecca Aman, South Asia Studies Program Manager
Gregory Knight, SAIS Adjunct Faculty

Study Trip Leaders

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